well believe it or not (i’m walking on air) i just now caught up with all my work from the craziness of that total jerk harvey (and 1 annoying technical program)… our house remained dry through it all, but everything around us was shaken up… as it was with i think most people! i honestly couldn’t be more proud to be a texan right now!… i love that i can finally sit down and share with you what i was doing only a week before hurricane harvey so rudely interrupted our lives.

this year the LORD gave me 5 amazing high school seniors to spread the word about five star! they are each so beautiful on the in and outside. when planning this year’s adventures i knew i wanted to take my girls on an actual road trip for their first shoot. a couple weeks before the shoot i enlisted the help of sheri from sweet pickle, because although i had an idea of what i wanted i had no idea of how to bring it together without it looking like a complete …harvey (works much better than ‘train wreck’ don’t you think). sheri was amazing in directing my ideas into a style that actually worked! my girls and i loved spending time with her …and we even learned a few tips to take with us when we go shopping next time! you should look her up she is what i call… the aaa-mazing!

when our style was all ready we hit the road for austin with our amazing hair and make up artist courtney stiles (come on, her last name says it all) in tow! she always delivers more than i expect! you should look her up she is what i call… the aaa-mazing!

we first arrived at our super cool ‘hotel’ called the guild… Y’ALL…. it’s an awesome ‘hotel room’ inside an apartment building… crazy cool… it wasn’t just me… my girls were equally impressed!

the sun even made me smile downtown…

we also got to visit one of my favorite places in austin… and well the sun did it’s thing… and i was kind of freaking out!

the next morning we woke up early for coffee ;)… and acai bowls… hmmm

and a few more shots around the hotel…

the trip was so fun! thanks caitlyn, tori, kat, kacey, brittany, bailee, sheri, and courtney… yall were amazing and i couldn’t have done it without you!

next year… it will be longer!

group of high school senior girls

austin road trip…

October 18, 2017


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